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3. Requirements

Linux 2.0 or 2.2 kernel with source, development installation of X Window System (with DGA support, if available), modules, a supported BrookTree (now Connexant {formerly Rockwell Semiconductor}) bt848, bt878 or other supported chipset and a working compiler. With Linux 2.0, the bttv driver is also required. A TV display program is also handy, one is included with the bttv driver and there are pointers to others, such as xawtv, on the bttv web page.

See the bttv driver page if necessary:

Kernel is available at:

XFree86 is available at:

You can also seek help from the video4linux-list. To subscribe to this list, send an email message to: with a subject of: subscribe


echo | mail -s subscribe


Using the bttv driver may result in hard, unrecoverable lockups, especially when starting a TV viewer or video grabber program. Be sure to back up your system regularly and save all work in progress before using the video grabber.

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